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cost management

At our core, we help all types of business to reduce their run rate operating costs. We do this in an ethical, transparent and sustainable way and leave a robust audit trail as part of our legacy. We are completely supplier agnostic and make all of our decisions with you and for you. Our preferred methodology is as follows:

1. Measure: analyse data, review contracts and interview key stakeholders; develop an opportunity analysis; build a 30/60/90-day plan.

2. Improve: switch off discretionary or non-essential spend; renegotiate, restructure or consolidate existing contracts and agreements; competitively tender significant areas of spend.

3. Control: implementation of revised contractual clauses e.g. to mitigate FX risk; tightening of key policies e.g. Group Procurement Policy; system and process fixes e.g. P2P.

As our cost management programmes are both sustainable and long lasting, as part of our engagement, we offer a no charge annual review to check that the benefits are still materialising.

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